Posted by: kenfo | July 26, 2009

090725 SNSD ft. SHINee – Tell me your wish on Music Core (HD)


MF: 001, 002, 003

HD (528mb) (ts. file)
MF: 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006

AVI. (367 mb)

Credits: soshified




  1. is there something wrong with the file? i’ve downloaded all 3 parts 2 times and tried to join it but it would never play 😦

    am i the only one with this problem? thanks for the videos though.

    • I think your problem is that your player cant play mkv. file. I guess so..
      Here is the KM Player, can you download this player and try to play the file with it?
      If you still cant play, I will upload the tp. file for this performance (as requested byKP) so plz wait..

  2. Please upload SHINee ft.SNSD (tp ver.) T^T

    Please Please T_____T

    • Your request will be fullfilled, plz wait..
      Tp. file is huge so it may take a while

      • its uploaded

  3. i wan to ask, the HD file, how come the picture got something wrong? … its like got white line/stripe on the video.. can be seen clearly during their dance

  4. i have to say, i download both mkv and the ts file. both got problem. i dont think its my player fault coz i tried on vlc, the picture become like… wow wth. i then used mpc the picture become less problem but the picture and the sound didnt synchronize. audio first, picture 2nd. my internet connection also got no problem coz i can download other file ( even 900mb family outing episode without getting problem ).i think when you uploading it, got problem. can you please reupload the mkv? please. i beg u so much. ive been looking for few hours already and no one got the uncut version. i really want it badly. please. ><

    • The file works normally for me.. anyway, I will reupload the avi. file (I couldnt find the mkv. file) for you on Megaupload. Is it OK? Sometimes Mediafire is crazy.. Sorry for the inconvenience.. And can you plz wait for me >.< cuz it may take a bit long

  5. tq so much~ really appreciate it… XD

  6. thanks a lot for the vid!

  7. thanks so much for sharing I’ve been looking for this video XD
    I like their dance break with SHINee ^^

  8. thanx a lot for this!

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